Freelance Writing Help WantedAre you a music educator that wants to share their knowledge with the world on a strong music education site that receives over one hundred thousand page views each month?  MusicEdMagic is recruiting amateur freelance writers with useful knowledge of their content areas that would be of interest to our thousands of daily visitors.  Benefits of writing for MusicEdMagic include:

  • The opportunity to become recognized as an expert in your field on a world wide basis!
  • The chance to write about topics that interest you and that you believe are of interest to other educators, both new and experienced.
  • The chance to be discovered by other professional publications (use your writing at MusicEdMagic as a stepping stone to greatness)!
  • The ability to earn a modest long-term income through a generous revenue sharing plan.  
  • You maintain all copyright to any articles you post on the site! 

For more information please prepare two 400 word example articles that represent your area of interest in music education.  Please contact the webmaster and you will be provided with a special address to which to send the samples.  The sample articles will not be used unless agreed upon between the author and the webmaster.

Note:  The articles on this site may contain referral links to sites such as Amazon and other online retailers.  The small amount of income received from these links has helped keep up and running for over ten years now.  Thank you for your support!