Nativity scene showing the friendly beasts

Although the words to The Friendly Beasts were penned in the 1920's by an Englishman named Robert Davis the roots of the melody date back nearly seven hundred years earlier.  The free sheet music to this song is provided for all common concert band and orchestra instruments and is arranged to be playable by young musicians, as early as their first or second year of training.



Individual sheet music parts are available farther down the page for flute, clarinet, sax, trumpet, french horn, trombone, baritone, tuba, bells, violin, viola, cella, and bass as well as for single hand piano and voice. Many other pieces of free Christmas carol sheet music are available from our MusicEdMagic archives.

Video of The Friendly Beasts Christmas Carol


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Free Sheet Music To The Friendly Beasts

The Friendly BeastsThe Friendly Beasts

1The Friendly Beasts - VoiceThe Friendly Beasts - Voice73.04 KB3769 times
2The Friendly Beasts - ViolinThe Friendly Beasts - Violin72.48 KB2271 times
3The Friendly Beasts - ViolaThe Friendly Beasts - Viola72.01 KB2002 times
4The Friendly Beasts - TubaThe Friendly Beasts - Tuba72.28 KB2348 times
5The Friendly Beasts - Trumpet In BbThe Friendly Beasts - Trumpet In Bb72.64 KB2486 times
6The Friendly Beasts - TromboneThe Friendly Beasts - Trombone71.99 KB2339 times
7The Friendly Beasts - Tenor SaxThe Friendly Beasts - Tenor Sax72.38 KB2407 times
8The Friendly Beasts - PiccoloThe Friendly Beasts - Piccolo72.49 KB2399 times
9The Friendly Beasts - PianoThe Friendly Beasts - Piano72.64 KB5094 times
10The Friendly Beasts - OboeThe Friendly Beasts - Oboe72.46 KB2358 times
11The Friendly Beasts - Horn In FThe Friendly Beasts - Horn In F72.52 KB2363 times
12The Friendly Beasts - FluteThe Friendly Beasts - Flute72.47 KB2798 times
13The Friendly Beasts - EuphoniumThe Friendly Beasts - Euphonium72 KB2407 times
14The Friendly Beasts - English HornThe Friendly Beasts - English Horn72.56 KB2341 times
15The Friendly Beasts - Double BassThe Friendly Beasts - Double Bass72.02 KB2306 times
16The Friendly Beasts - Clarinet In BbThe Friendly Beasts - Clarinet In Bb72.64 KB2540 times
17The Friendly Beasts - CelloThe Friendly Beasts - Cello71.96 KB2261 times
18The Friendly Beasts - BellsThe Friendly Beasts - Bells72.63 KB2416 times
19The Friendly Beasts - BassoonThe Friendly Beasts - Bassoon71.98 KB2225 times
20The Friendly Beasts - Bass ClarinetThe Friendly Beasts - Bass Clarinet72.48 KB2305 times
21The Friendly Beasts - Baritone SaxThe Friendly Beasts - Baritone Sax72.55 KB2479 times
22The Friendly Beasts - Alto SaxThe Friendly Beasts - Alto Sax72.51 KB2590 times
23The Friendly BeastsThe Friendly Beasts86.17 KB4251 times

Free Lyrics To The Friendly Beasts

Jesus our brother kind and good
Was humbly born in a stable of wood
And the friendly beasts around him stood
Jesus our brother kind and good

"I" said the donkey shaggy and brown
I carried his mother up hill and down
I carried him safely to Bethlehem town
"I" said the donkey shaggy and brown

And "I" said the cow all white and red
I gave him my manger for a bed
I gave him my hay for to pillow his head
"I" said the cow all white and red

"I" said the sheep with a curly horn
I have him my wool for his blanket warm
And he wore my coat on that Christmas morn
"I" said the sheep with a curly horn

"I" said the dove from the rafters high
Cooed him to sleep that he should not cry
We cooed him to sleep my love and I
"I" said the dove from the rafters high

And "I" said the camel all yellow and black
Over the desert upon my back
I brought him a gift in the wise men's pack
"I" said the camel all yellow and black

Thus every beast remembering it well
In the stable dark was so proud to tell
Of the gifts that they gave Emmanuel
The gifts that they gave Emmanuel


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