Theory Lessons iPad AppBased on the content Adam’s originally wrote for his web site the Theory Lessons iPad app offers a handy reference for use in a classroom music setting. Each of the thirty nine lessons offers a textual and graphical explanation of various concepts of music theory. The lessons themselves are grouped into categories beginning with The Basics and moving on to sequenced instruction on concepts such as Rhythm and Meter, Scales and Key Signatures, Intervals, Chords, Diatonic Chords, Chord Progressions, and Neopolitan Chords.

The lessons themselves are informative and written in a style that most amateur musicians should immediately be able to grasp. Moving through the lessons can be done sequentially by using arrow keys or the user can jump to any section of the tutorial by touching the appropriate bullet point. The app also provides a flashcard mode where all of the content of each part of the lesson is provided in a piano roll style format moving down the page.

Those who find the resources to be a valuable classroom tool will find this new app to be an excellent offline replacement. The depth and field of the lessons make it well worth the investment whether the app is to be used by an individual or in a classroom setting. Those wanting access to Adam’s theory training exercise tools will want to also consider his Tenuto app, also for the iPad.

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