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Looking for a place to download free karaoke songs?  This article discusses ways to find the music you want on the Internet and also provides a way to make karaoke songs using music you already own.

Many karaoke enthusiasts want to bring the fun they have at a karaoke party or karaoke bar night to their homes.  The personal computer offers a great way for these people to enjoy their favorite past time at home, but buying commercially available karaoke CD's and DVD's can be a little expensive.  As a result many people are interested in finding ways to download free karaoke songs and lyrics for use at home.  This article lists some of the best places to download free karaoke songs as well as to show some ways an enthusiast can make their own using special software.

Good Places To Download Free Karaoke Songs:
One of the easiest and seemingly most legitimate places to download free karaoke songs is the EZ-Tracks site.  In order to download the user must sign up by providing a name, cell and land line phone numbers, and other information, however there does not seem to be any significant verification process involved, allowing a user to enter almost anything and still gain access.  Once the registration information is completed the user is given nearly 100 download credits to use in any category on the site, not just the karaoke music files.  It seems too good to be true, and to be honest the site does make a user jump through a lot of hoops (and ask a lot of questions) but in the end the files appear to be legitimate and legal.

Other Sources of Free Karaoke Songs:
In some ways the easiest method of obtaining free karaoke music is to make it yourself.  Using software and a home computer a person can remove the vocals from a piece of music that they already own.  While it is possible to remove the lyrics from a music track manually it is much easier and more accurate to use software such as the vocal remover software featured on this page.  Instead of searching blindly through dozens of sites trying to find just the right karaoke track a person can make their own free karaoke songs quickly and easily.  For the lyrics a user can visit legal lyric sites such as the Yahoo lyrics web site.

While the EZ-Tracks site works well as a place to find and download free karaoke music, using special karaoke creation software is also very helpful in cases where the track that is desired simply cannot be found.  Using either method will help a home karaoke enthusiast keep the tunes flowing.

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