Karaoke MicrophoneWith the rising popularity of Karaoke, the demand for quality Karaoke software has increased. While the best software solutions are expensive and aimed at commercial usages (bars, hotels, et cetera), there are many free options available for those on a tight budget. Different programs offer different abilities and limitations. All Karaoke players should keep this in mind when looking for such software.

Popular Karaoke Software Programs

KaraFun is perhaps one of the most popular free software for Karaoke enthusiasts. KaraFun will allow you to play nearly all Karaoke file forms. Additionally, KaraFun features a powerful but user-friendly editor that allows for easy creation and editing of audio files. You can also open and use your Karaoke music downloads within the program in a simple to use interface. KaraFun provides all of the basic features to create Karaoke on your computer. KaraFun free is very similar to KaraFun studio, with most of the differences being the options available in their Karaoke editor. For those serious Karaoke players who enjoy the free version of KaraFun, they may want to look into purchasing the Studio version of the application.

Another good option is PyKaraoke, which is free a Karaoke software program that works with both Linux and Windows. While it doesn't have as many features as KaraFun, it does feature a simple interface that anyone should be able to figure out.

Make Your Own Karaoke Software Options

While you could download a complete package such as KaraFun, the best way to get free Karaoke software is to download separate programs that do different tasks.

Karaoke Anything! is a free program that allows you to remove the vocals from most songs (so that you can turn any song into a Karaoke track). It is rather basic (you will have to record the music as it plays with a program such as Audacity) but it is free and can be a useful tool from time to time.  Audacity is another free program that all Karaoke singers need. Audacity is a program which will allow you to record your vocals while you sing. When you finish recording, you can save the vocals to many formats (such as .mp3 and .wav). You can also use effects on your vocals to make them sound better (equalize, add reverberation, et cetera).

With these tools, you should be on your way to recording and publishing your own Karaoke music. Just remember to download some Karaoke music to go with your new software based creation tools.


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