Guitar Hero Video Game BoxWhen I saw this Guitar Hero headline in one of my many music and tech related RSS feeds I thought it required a closer inspection.  It turns out the article is a brief, tounge in cheek, assessment of the very popular Guitar Hero video game for the Xbox and PS2.  But even so, maybe we need to think a little bit about where music education is headed.  In many physical education classes all across the country (and even in my own school district) students are getting their exercise by working out to Dance Dance Revolution.  The monetary investment was fairly great (paid for through grants) but apparently the response has been very good.  Could this be where we are going as music educators?  I don't see a day where acoustic instruments disappear from our lives, but I do see a day where MIDI based instruments take over in our general music classrooms.  All it will take is for someone to come up with a real game that blends real music composition and performance with the fun of Guitar Hero and the same trend that has started in physical education could take root in music education as well.


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