Music BoxI normally don't do articles or blogs on fund raising products but I came across a new take on the old standard of door to door selling of gifts.  While it probably isn't for everyone, there is nothing to deliver, and the gift selection is top notch. 

{mosimage}A company named Ribbon is now promoting a new fund raising system that puts a slightly different spin on traditional door to door selling.  In most cases a student walks up to a potential customer and attempts to sell trinkets, snacks, or other relatively low cost items from a fairly limited catalog.  A few weeks later the student then returns to the home and delivers the goods.  The organization receives a  percentage of each sale.

The Ribbon fund raising plan changes this sequence quite a bit.  Instead of a customer buying something to give as a gift (that the recipient may or may not like) the gift giver instead buys a credit toward any item in a specific gift collection.  A nicely designed gifting folder is given to the recipient and that recipient then can choose from any item in the catalog.  Using an online form and a special code, the recipient orders his or her perfect gift and the company ships it directly to their door.  Pricing on the gift collections can vary from under $50 all the way up to $500 or more, and contain items ranging from ear rings to Weber grills.  The company works with individuals organizations to develop the correct pricing structure for their needs.

While no fundraiser is perfect, this Ribbon system is definately a new take on an old, boring system of raising money for your band, choir, or student organization.  Take a closer look at

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