Finding a software title that takes the pain and suffering out of learning a vital skill is always refreshing. For many people ear training classes are one of these painful yet necessary parts of learning to be a good musician. The EarMaster Pro version 5 software manages to provide an excellent series of ear training exercises while avoiding the common pitfalls of many music education software titles . While it is doubtful that any company could make aural training exercises fun, EarMaster comes quite close and still manages to be rich in features and variety of instruction.

Ear Training Lessons Of All Kinds

The EarMaster Pro software package includes lessons in the following areas:

  • Interval Comparison (which of two intervals is larger)

  • Interval Identification (identify an interval by pitch and notate it)

  • Interval Singing (singing or playing intervals)

  • Chord Identification (and transcription)

  • Chord Inversions (identification and transcription)

  • Chord Progressions (identify a sequence of chords)

  • Scale Identification (identify and transcribe)

  • Rhythm Reading (clapping hands to rhythms)

  • Rhythm Imitation (imitating clapped rhythms)

  • Rhythm Dictation (writing down played rhythms)

  • Rhythm Correction (fix incorrectly notated rhythms)

  • Melodic Dictation (transcribe melodies)

Each of the lesson segments has an almost endless variety of exercises for beginners through advanced musicians.

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