Auralia Software BoxAuralia is a very full featured aural training software program used to help musicians develop their listening skills.  The software contains hundreds of exercises in a variety of different topics from scale recognition to intervals and many more.

Basic tutorials on many of the topics are provided, but most users will find that Auralia works best when used in conjunction with a classroom based ear training teacher.  In a school environment the Auralia software functions well in a lab environment, allowing the teacher to distribute assignments and give tests over the network.

Topics Covered in Auralia:
  • Cadences
  • Counterpoint
  • Jazz Chords and Scales
  • Pitch and Interval Recognition
  • Rhythm comparison and dictation
  • Sight singing
  • Intonation training
  • Many more...

Basic System Requirements for Auralia:
  • Runs on most PC systems with Pentium class processors or above
  • Microphone suggested but not required
  • MIDI keyboard (optional)
  • 50mb Hard drive space

For Mac:
  • Most current Macs are supported
  • 30mb hard drive space

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