School Proms 2010- Photo by Graeme Robertson, published in The GuardianI know what school prom means here in the United States but apparently across the pond in Great Britain it means something a bit different.  In this case it means what apparently is a youth music performance unlike anything that I have ever heard of here in the states.  Even my own state’s giant All-State Music Festival is nothing like this one.

I was fumbling through a few interesting article titles in the news feeds when I stumbled across one written by Tom Service in the Guardian.  Reading his description in the article piqued my interest and I had to find out more about this incredible event.

Imagine if you will 3000 student performers scheduled over a three day mammoth musical event in one of the most beautiful concert halls in the world.  Music students from all over the country come to play in what apparently is the biggest, wildest celebration of music education in the entire U.K.  In years past major musicians have come to play as well.  People like Andrew Loyd Weber and John Williams just to name two.

The images and performances of this mammoth musical festival are available on the MFY Flickr page and on various YouTube videos.  If you have a free minute or two be sure to check them out.

Schools Prom 2010 : Day 3 : Rehearsals : Kagemusha Taiko & Smithills School Senior Brass Band

List of all Schools Prom 2010 videos on YouTube

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