ThetaMusic Screen ShotI subscribe to a lot of news feeds and newsletters trying to find new and interesting stuff to use and pass on to others in the music education community.  Well, this time I have to give props out to a source outside the norm of our little genre.  Today's Kim Komando Cool Site of the Day was a web site called Thetamusic that has some very interesting ear training games that I have to admit are pretty awesome as well.

Paddle Pitch is a take off on the Breakout style of video game but done in a way that makes you listen to the notes in order to move the paddle to the correct place to hit it back up into the stack of blocks.  Other games like Melodic Drops test your interval skills while Parrot Phrases and Rhythm Puzzles test melodic and rhythmic dictation skills.  One of the more interesting games on the site is Channel Match which teaches students how to pick out and recognize the sounds of various instruments in an ensemble.


All of the games on the site are free to try if you sign up for a free account.  Subscribing to the site provides access to more game options and higher skill levels.  The still photos really don't do it justice.  Take a closer look and try it out for yourself!

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