Marching Band BrassI thought it might be cool to find a video this week that focused on marching band technique and instruction, but in the process I happened across this video of Jason Paguio, a world champion drum major and bona fide expert at the use of the mace in marching bands.  The way he throws and twirls the mace is very impressive and totally fluid.  It doesn't even look like his is trying hard yet I know if I did anything similar I would spear myself with the thing.  I also found another video of a former U of Iowa grad assistant doing a similar show together with some of the Iowa marching band members.  I know the use of the mace seems to be a dying art in marching bands these days but it is still fun to watch these guys perform even if you think that the mace is outdated for modern marching band routines.

Read on to see the videos!


Mace Demo 2009 - Marc Decker from Smith Walbridge Clinics on Vimeo.

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