guitar stringsI am doing my best this month to feature a free music oriented app or web site each day (or at least every few days) and this time I wanted to bring your attention to a site called Free-Loops.  Free-Loops is a repository for hundreds of different audio loops that can be quickly imported into your favorite audio sequencer program like GarageBand, Fruity Loops, Reason, or other loop based audio tools and used to create remixes of your own unique design.

The Free-Loops site has been around a while, and obviously has not been updated a whole lot (copyright 2007 and the About page still mentions using MySpace), but the loops are there, they are free, and they are fairly easy to get to.  You can download anything you need for free, albeit one at a time, or you can invest $9.99 in Mr. Koenig’s Audio Toolbox sample pack and get all 7000 sound files all in one big download.

There is also a section on the free-loops site that includes a selection of free VST effect plugins that can be used with almost any audio editor available on the market. Check them all out today!

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