Eugene RousseauEugene Rousseau is one of the most noted names on the saxophone, with his own line of professional mouthpieces and over 80 pieces of recorded literature to his credit.  Now Rousseau has opened his own saxophone pedagogy resource site with several useful videos, articles, and other items of interest to aspiring saxophonists around the world.  Read on to find out what makes this new site so useful.


Eugene Rousseau’s Videos and Articles On Playing The Saxophone

When you first visit Eugene Rousseau’s alto saxophone web site the first instinct is to think that is it solely about himself as performer as the primary headings deal with his life, performances, and students.  The second half of his site however is where the true nuggets of wisdom reside, in the form of several discussion videos where Rousseau covers the basics of good saxophone pedagogy and explains topics such as tone quality, tonguing, hand position, and posture in simple, easy to understand clips of between two and ten minutes in length.  

Below these videos on the same page reside several written articles dealing with the complex issues of saxophone mouthpiece selection,  and the proper way to test a potential new mouthpiece before purchasing it.

While the site as a whole is obviously intended for public relations these few gems of saxophone information make a quick visit to Eugene Rousseau's new site worth it.  




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