Sheet Music WorksheetsI’m lazy at times, I admit it, so when I decided I needed some new note identification worksheets to use with my beginning band class to help them practice reading the notes on the staff I didn’t really feel like pulling out Finale and writing one out.  Yes, their templates make it easy and all, but like I said, I was feeling lazy. Luckily I found a fast, pre-made solution.

In looking around the web for something that would fit the bill I came across an excellent set of note identification and interval identification worksheets over at  The nicest thing about them is that they have versions of the sheets for both treble and bass clef so you don’t have to worry (at least at first) about teaching the flutes to read tuba music, they can focus in on their own notes instead.  The only downside to them that I discovered later is that for flute players and alto saxes the highest note these note identification worksheets seem to cover is third space C.  A minor problem, but these freebies are worth it nonetheless.  Take a look at these note id worksheets and many more on their web site.

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