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I've written about Neuratron's great new NotateMe app for Android and iOS in past articles here at MusicEdMagic.  For those that aren't aware it's a new handwriting recognition app that translates your own hand drawn music notes into clean, professional looking music notation that can then be printed or downloaded as a MusicXML file for use in other music notation programs.  My only real problem with the app was that it was so expensive.  Well, I received word from Neuratron that a new version called NotateMe Now has already been released on the Android store and is awaiting approval from Apple over the next few days.  The NotateMe Now app only lets you write on a single stave, but from a music education perspective this is going to be perfect for use in class especially since it comes at the low low price of FREE!  


NotateMe for iPad Lead Sheet EditingIf you are an Android user you can get the NotateMe Now app already over at the Google Play store.  If you are an iPad user you'll have to wait a few days but then just search for NotateMe Now on the Apple App Store.  As soon as a direct link becomes available I'll add it to this post.

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