Unless you are a percussion professional tuning or replacing a set of timpani heads the proper way can often turn into an exercise in aggrivation.

Most band programs will replace the heads once every year or two (or ten) and in between time just reset the tuning guages to keep things in check. In an article by Jan Evans, hosted by BandDirector.com, we learn the proper way to remove, clean, and replace timpani heads as well as get them properly balanced. Properly cared for timpani and timpani heads will last longer, sound better, and require less maintenance so there really is no reason not to spend a little extra effort to do the job right the first time!

For example, did you know that after you have removed the old head you should clean the bearing edge and then lubricate it? Did you do that last time? Check out the article for these and other great suggestions to keep your timpani set sounding its best.

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