Folder Band Incentive System Documents

This folder contains documents and samples of a band incentive system that I have used the last two years in my classes as an alternative to providing trinkets as a reward for positive performance in class.  It is based loosely on the Recorder Karate system and uses the ranks of the United States Marine Corps in reference to the Presidents Own Marine Corps Band, the oldest and one of the most prestigious performing ensembles in our country.


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default 5th Grade Band Incentive Chart (1937 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 32 KB)
default 6th Grade Band Incentive Chart (1584 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 29 KB)
default Band Ranks and Achievements Explanation Document (1626 downloads) Popular Download (doc, 80 KB)
default Band Titles for Band Incentive System (1670 downloads) Popular Download (doc, 75 KB)

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