This is the free sheet music for the classic summer camp song, Hey Mom I Want To Go Home (also known as Hey Mom I Wanna Go Home).  Full written sheet music for the song is provided in a format that can easily be printed and provided to your campers for use around the campfire this summer.

Please note that an MP3 audio file is also provided that plays the melody only so that you can see how the song is supposed to sound.  Also provided is a Finale notation file that can be opened and edited in the Finale line of music notation software.


Origins of Hey Mom I Wanna Go Home

The exact origins of this song are unclear, but it is almost a guarantee that some part of its popularity can be traced back to the army during the world wars.  Several sites such as the Women's Army Corps Veteran's Association publish the lyrics to Gee Mom I Wanna Go Home, lending creedence to the idea, as well as to the Hitler verse that many camps have customized to apply to their own camp counselors (see the lyrics below for the sample verse).


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Hey Mom I Want To Go HomeHey Mom I Want To Go Home

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Lyrics to Hey Mom I Wanna Go Home!:

Oh, they say that at our scout camp the coffee's mighty fine.
It's great for cuts and bruises and tastes like iodine!


Oh I don't want no more of Boy Scout Camp,
Hey mom I wanna go home!

Additional Verses:

Oh, they say that at our scout camp the biscuits are mighty fine.
One rolled off the table and killed a pal of mine!

Oh, they say that at our scout camp the tents are mighty fine.
They're made of old newspapers and poison ivy vine!

Oh, they say that at our scout camp the staff is mighty fine.
They act like Adolf Hitler and look like Frankenstein!

Oh, they say that at our scout camp the chicken's mighty fine.
One jumped off the table and started marking time!

Other versions of the same verses can be customized to almost any camp situation.  For example:


Oh, they say at Camp Mitigwa, the coffee's.....


Oh, they say that at our church camp.....




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