It used to be that a person would carry around multiple devices to practice their instrument or to teach a music class. Things like a metronome, a digital audio recorder, a tuner, etc. are all essential parts of a musicians arsenal. With the introduction of the iPhone and iPad you can get rid of all of those individual devices but yet many people still wind up buying a different app for each of those independent needs. Enter APS MusicMaster Pro, an iPad app that combines everything you need into one multi-purpose application. The brainchild of Joeseph Pisano of Grove City College, APS MusicMaster Pro combines not just the three devices mentioned previously but a total of ten different useful music education tools.


  • APS MusicMaster Pro combines all of these apps into one integrated interface:
  • Chromatic tuner
  • Metronome
  • Audio recorder
  • Stopwatch
  • Music term glossary
  • Sheet music and PDF viewer
  • Note taking app
  • Calendar app
  • Web browser
  • Audio based circle of fifths

Cool Stuff:

  • Having everything in one place is very convenient
  • Each sub-app has links to the note taking app allowing you to jot down notes regardless of what you are doing at the time.
  • Tons of information all in one place. Store documents and sheet music for a variety of gigs all in one place. A very useful utility for school based iPad music classes.
  • Quickly send recordings via email to a teacher or parent.

Wish List:

  • No AirPrint support for notebook or PDF’s
  • Help documents need hyperlinks to move between sections
  • Being able to record video as well as audio would be a nice addition during practices for some students.

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