Sound Production For SaxophoneSaxophone master Walter Beasley has released a pair of iPhone apps dedicated to his chosen instrument.  These instructional video apps contain over 80 minutes of video instruction on the saxophone taught by Beasley and feature short clips of him demonstrating the various concepts and techniques.  The first of the two apps titled Sound Production For Saxophone deals with concepts ranging from basic embouchure to diaphragmatic breathing and basic practice tips. 

The second app, titled Circular Breathing, deals with exactly that, and is described in detail in about thirty minutes worth of videos.  All aspects of learning and developing circular breathing are presented and are done with the help of visual demonstrations showing how the process really works.  

As an educational tool the videos are quite informative and present their points well.  Any novice saxophone student would most likely benefit from viewing the Sound Production videos while more advanced students or those interested in playing around with circular breathing would benefit from the latter.

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